Export — Taking India to the World

For many centuries, India has been a land of medicines. Due to its diversities and abundant flora, many medicine systems like Ayurveda thrived here. Because the traditional medicine systems are well-documented, we can be rest assured that these medicines have been consumed for centuries and people have benefitted from this. Now is the time to let the secret out and share this wonderful treatment option with the world.

As Ayurveda and herbal medicines are now widely being accepted outside India, we at Saflon LifeSciences have started exporting our products to different parts of Asia and Africa. The response of our exported products has been overwhelming enabling us to strive more in betterment of our services. Due to acceptance of our products globally, we manufacture more products.

Our exported products are high in quality meeting the standards of other international brands. As our manufacturing costs are very effective, our products are way cheaper cost wise in compare to other available products in other countries. Our team is always in the hunt of locating useful herbs so that a better formula or medication can be formed to overcome harmful diseases.

Thus, by exporting our numerous products we are not only growing our company but also helping in growing our country’s economy. Export also helps in promoting Ayurveda and herbal medicines therefore introducing the benefits of these medications. Many people from different parts of the world now visit India especially to get treated with natural and Ayurveda medicines.


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